Ahram for Hajj and Umrah How to Perform Hajj and Umrah Ahram Towels and Belts Contact us
Ahram for Hajj and Umrah How to Perform Hajj and Umrah Ahram Towels and Belts Contact us
Preparing for Ihram
  • To perform Ghusl (shower) is Sunnah
  • Trim your finger and toe nails if needed
  • Shave under your arms if needed
  • Shave your pubic hair if needed
  • Trim the moustache (leave the beard as it is)
  • Apply perfume to your head and beard (men only), and not to the garments
  • How to Enter into a State of Ihram
  • Men wear the lower part by wrapping it around their waist
  • The top part is thrown over, covering both shoulders, the right shoulder is only open during Tawaf
  • It is acceptable to wear a money belt to assist in “keeping up” the lower part
  • A safety pin is also very useful to keep the top part from falling off or constantly opening up
  • There are no special clothing requirements for women in Ihram; other than, not covering the face and    hands while in Ihram
  • It is acceptable to adopt the Ihram clothes prior to reaching the Meqaat
  • The intention to begin Hajj and Umrah is to be made aloud by saying:
  • http://www.hajj.org.au/images/stories/intention.png or  http://www.hajj.org.au/images/stories/intentionhajj.png

  • Men should recite the Talbiyah loudly, a woman raises her voice only to the extent of being heard by the person next to her; the Talbiyah is made by saying:
  • http://www.hajj.org.au/images/stories/talbiah.png

    What you can do in a state of Ihram
  • Wearing a wristwatch, eyeglasses, money belt, rings, sunglasses, hearing or speech aid, etc
  • Bath or shower with unscented soap and to wash and gently scratch one's head and body, even if hair    may fall out
  • Changing one’s Ihraam garments, removing the Ihraam clothes does not nullify the state of Ihraam
  • Having a shelter over one’s head, whether in a car, under an umbrella, or in a tent or building
  • Coverinng feet (but not their head) while sleeping, with their Ihraam or a blanket
  • What you can not do in a state of Ihram

    Only after uttering the niyah does one become a muhrim and thus the following prohibitions apply.

    Men Must Not

  • Wear clothes that are tailored to fit parts of the human body, e.g. trousers, jackets, etc
  • Wear any sandal or shoe that covers the ankle
  • Wear any underwear or headgear
  • Women Must Not:

  • Though women can wear normal clothes, they must NOT wear gloves or a face cover that has openings for their eyes, although they can fully cover their faces and hands in the presence of men who are not their mahram
  • Both Men and Women Must Not:
  • Apply perfume, wear perfumed clothes, nor use any perfumed substances
  • Trim his/her nails
  • Cut his/her hair
  • Neither marry, give anyone else in marriage, nor propose marriage
  • Perform any act likely to arouse sexual passion or indulge in any intimate marital relations
  • Hunt or participate in hunting
  • Commit an act of disobedience to Allah, such as smoking
  • Get involved in idle talk or disputes, i.e. fights, arguments and quarrels.
  • General Etiquette while in Ihram
  • Avoid walking around with only the bottom part of your Ihraam.
  • Keep your right shoulder covered (except during Tawaf)
  • Avoid throwing the ‘lose’ end of your Ihraam over your shoulder, as you may ‘hit’ the person behind
       you in the face
  • Keep your Ihraam clean and do not use it as a cloth to wipe your hands
  • Take extra care as to how you sit, especially on stairs, to avoid exposing yourself. As it is unusual for
       you to be without underwear, you can easily expose your private parts. This is very common while
       sitting on the stairs inside the mosque.

       Preparing for Ihram

         What Being In Ihram Means?  
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